Hope Lethare Hope Lethare
Great overall experience. Stuart is kind, funny and very enthusiastic! Stuart pushes you well, pays attention to details and makes sure to go over weaknesses while building up confidence. As an individual, he is an absolute brilliant guy really going to miss driving with him!!! The LDC resources are a great guide, you can easily track how well you’re doing, and the videos were helpful.

Mick WrightMick Wright
Lessons with Stuart were great, he offers great advice and helpful tips all the time. He is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.

Brandon Reid Brandon Reid
Very Helpful Instructor
Stuart was a great instructor and offered up many useful tips about how to gain composure as well as how to drive. He always helped whenever I panicked and gave me different ways to help with my anxiety that I suffer. LDC offer videos and workbooks as part of their learning package and I found them all very useful for remembering information between lessons and how to perfect manoeuvres.

Sam Stephen
Stuart is a very nice person and highly motivating as a driving instructor always offering help when I was unsure about something. I found the LDC system very helpful as it let me know what I needed to improve on and to see what the next lesson was about. It was helpful having all the revison material in one place on the LDC training website. Lessons were really enjoyable.

Jodie McKenzieJodie McKenzie
1st Time Pass
Stuart is a really good driving instructor, always calm with you but firm when needed to be. Having said this he will never shout which is what you want in an instructor. I always looked forward to a lesson which I didn’t expect before learning. Stuart is funny, calm and friendly making you want to do lessons and always makes the lessons enjoyable.

Bethany HumeBethany Hume
First Time Pass
Learning with Stuart was a very easy going experience. He is very welcoming and calm as an instructor, and really helps to ease any nervousness from the first lesson to the day of test. In my later lessons I really noticed my own mistakes and managed to improve them due to Stuart’s teaching techniques. Lessons were always well structured for fast and efficient learning that can be tailored to individual ability and progress. The lessons are never too much of a jump and are smoothly progressive. The LDC workbook and online portal was pivotal in my passing of both the theory and practical. The workbook was helpful in reflecting points of improvement and what has been covered in lessons. While towards the test it was vital in giving me clear answers on any small questions I had. The online theory and hazard perception tests were insightful for a first time pass with the option of a lot of practice and a good feedback loop.

Lauren FarquharLauren Farquhar
Incredible Driving Instructor
Stuart has been an incredible driving instructor since day one, helping me to overcome nerves which were holding me back. He is patient and calm which helped me when I was struggling with something new or letting nerves take over when driving. He also knows when to let you be independent and get on with it yourself. I couldn’t be more grateful for the skills learned with Stuart and would recommend him to anyone looking to start driving!!

Lana PottingerLana Pottinger
Encouraging and Patient Instructor
Stuart was very encouraging and patient with me whilst learning. The LDC workbook had everything that I needed to know in it and the system made it good for learning. Overall I was very pleased with the style of learning and support given by Stuart.

Nikola JaromaNikola Jaroma
Passed first time with Stuart
I struggled a lot with anxiety and driving and having previously having done tests and failing due to stress, I thought I’d never pass. Stuart has been a lively instructor that helped me get over my anxiety through the use of routines. Very patient and so easy to get along with! Not only are you learning to drive safely and easily, but you also have a good laugh. Would 10/10 recommend!

Alina Uyazina Alina Uyazina
I can highly recommend Stuart. He is very friendly and positive, yet at the same time demanding and honest about one’s abilities. I felt at ease during his lessons and could see myself improving quite fast. He understood my problem areas and managed to tackle them in the most efficient way. I came from a different instructor and there were a few things that I really struggled with and he explained them to me in a way that just made sense. I wasn’t expecting to pass on the first try but with his help and guidance I got very well prepared for it and I was calm and composed enough to do it. Thank you, Stuart!

Jes ValkerisJes Valkeris
Thanks Stuart, the best instructor I ever had, perfect learning technique. I could have passed with no faults but I didn’t pay attention on a flashing 20 πŸ™‚ meaning I passed with just 1 minor! Thanks Again

Jordan FaganJordan Fagan
I found lessons with Stuart to be really enjoyable. He is always very friendly and easy to get along with. He is really good at finding techniques and methods to get the best out of you and to help make you understand things clearly. Some of my friends are learning just now with other instructors but don’t have all the online resources or a workbook that I was provided with and which I found really useful. I am so glad I learned with Stuart’s LDC Driving School

Kieran Kieran
The only instructor I would go with!
After only starting to drive in June, I passed just 8 weeks later thanks to the patience and hard work of Stuart. I have known him for 17 years (basically since I was born) Other people call him a great driving instructor but I just call him Dad. Thank you.

Martin CarleMartin Carle
Very Patient and Considerate Instructor
I could not have asked for a more kind, patient and considerate driving instructor than Stuart. With the LDC System Learning is made fun, with plenty of supporting materials to guide you on your learner journey- I certainly had a lot of fun using the system! I am very appreciative of Stuart’s LDC for helping me pass my test and thoroughly recommend Stuart to anyone looking into driving lessons.

Danielle FaganDanielle Fagan
Supportive Instructor
I took driving lessons with Stuart having had little success with my previous instructor. Lessons were far more progressive that before and I was encouraged to develop leading to a pass with Stuart. Stuart is very encouraging but firm when needed meaning I learned so much more.

Aidan LealAidan Leal
I really enjoyed my lessons with Stuart. They were very informative and provided all the information I needed to pass first time and done in a calm manner. No matter what happens Stuart never shouts at you unlike what I hear about so many other driving instructors. The LDC videos, training material and workbook are second to one and really helped between lessons. Stuart is friendly, approachable and I had a good laugh with him whilst learning. He was always very punctual and I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks Stuart I couldn’t have done it without you.

Charlotte DanielsCharlotte Daniels
I went to Stuart after moving house and with my test already booked. I had been told by my previous instructor that I was test ready and had therefore already booked my test. After carrying out an assessment drive Stuart informed me I was not and that I would have to put my test back. I was very disappointed but reluctantly agreed. I am so glad that I listened to Stuart and went with his recommendations as I can now see that I was not ready and was not driving to the required standard of being a safe driver. After extra practice with Stuart and helpful hints and tips I passed today at my first attempt. Stuart was really nice during lessons and very clear with the areas I had to improve on. I got on very well with him and was able to enjoy my lessons rather than stressing over them. Highly recommended.

Amy SmithAmy Smith
I really enjoyed my lessons, all the techniques given are very effective. Stuart is good with nervous drivers. Very good instructor for first time learners 5*

Abigail Paterson Abigail Paterson
Great Instructor
Stuart is a great instructor, very open and honest providing helpful feedback. The online resources are great especially for preparing for the theory test.

Caitlin BuchanCaitlin Buchan
Very Positive Driving Instructor
I passed with Stuart. He is always positive and makes you feel at ease and less nervous. He gives loads of praise and encouragement throughout lessons and is happy to answer any question you may have. The LDC material is very helpful both online and in the workbook. A great experience and I can’t recommend Stuart enough.

Harris RossHarris Ross
My lessons were very well structured and easy to follow. Stuart is a very encouraging instructor and I would recommend any person to learn with Stuart.

Ailsa CaineAilsa Caine
Amazing Instructor
Stuart has been absolutely amazing! He has been so patient and friendly tailoring his lessons to my needs. He is an absolute credit to LDC and I am so happy to have found Stuart when looking for an instructor.

Metty CheyneMetty Cheyne
Stuart is a very friendly driving instructor, easy to get on with and helped reduce my before-test nerves. Stuart really helped me to understand the parallel park that I was struggling with, which turned out to be the manoeuvre I ended up getting on test. Very good 5 STAR instructor.

Lizzie CownieLizzie Cownie
I have really enjoyed my lessons with stuart who is friendly and made the learning enjoyable. The reason I passed first time is definitely thanks to him.

Andrew EwanAndrew Ewan
Great help
I felt my lessons with Stuart was really good he was patient when any mistakes were made. I highly recommend Stuart, got me ready for my test and helped a lot. Thanks.

Claire Creighton Claire Creighton
The best driving instructor I could've hoped for. So patient, friendly and all together awesome. Great laughs and made a friend through it!! Thanks again Stuart.... 10/10

Kevin CoxeKevin Coxe
I found learning with the LDC method really helpful, the videos are great. Stuart was my instructor and he was fantastic. Very patient with me and always polite. He really is an all round nice guy. It has been a journey as I think I was a challenging pupil but Stuart was brilliant. I will really miss the lessons with Stuart but I passed first time with his superb lessons even when I really didn’t expect I would be able to when I first started. Thank you Stuart.

Keiran GrantKeiran Grant
Brilliant Instructor
Stuart was absolutely brilliant throughout the whole process. I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor and I would definately recommend him to everyone.

Cameron JollyCameron Jolly
When I started to learn to drive it didn’t come naturally. Stuart very patiently and expertly taught me everything and helped overcome the nerves that I suffer from. He was great with me and took the lessons at my pace without Rushing me but still managed to push me at the same time. I now have my own car and independence that it brings. If you are looking for an instructor choose STUART.

Morgan McWilliamMorgan McWilliam
I passed first time with Stuart with just one minor! Stuart is brilliant, very prompt, excellent at giving instruction and was always clear so I knew exactly what I was doing which made the Learning experience so enjoyable. Stuart has an early morning 7am slot for me and it was brilliant, getting me used to driving on busy roads as well as some daylight and dark driving. It really made me a far better driver and more comfortable in all driving situations. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Laura BowlerLaura Bowler
Excellent at calming nerves!
I think Stuart was a fantastic instructor, he was very calm and helped ease my nerves! He was also a great laugh that made my lessons really enjoyable. As a result of Stuarts lessons I am far more confident and can honestly say I had a great experience all round.

Lauren HeggartyLauren Heggarty
First Time Pass
The LDC method of learning with a workbook and videos is really helpful. Stuart, my instructor, was GREAT. Thank you Stuart for all your help.

Amy DonaldsonAmy Donaldson
I would recommend Stuart as a driving instructor as he is a positive, calm instructor who really wants you to succeed. I liked the LDC way of teaching also learning away from the car. As I am a visual learner through the use of videos and the workbook it allowed me to learn and use the time in the car to best effect. I liked Learning with Stuart so much I recommended him to all my friends.

Heoman HoHeoman Ho
1st Time Pass
I really enjoyed lessons with Stuart. He is very good at what he does and is always enthusiastic and encouraging. His teaching skills are very easy to understand making it an enjoyable experience. The workbook was very helpful too.

Calum ParkCalum Park
5 Star Instructor
Lessons with Stuart were really good and helped develop skills needed to make me a safe driver.

Adam ReidAdam Reid
First time Pass
Really great driving instructor! He’s very patient and tailors the lesson based on your needs! Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive!

Kelly MurdochKelly Murdoch
First time pass
Stuart helped me pass my test first time. He is very patient and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Laura WilmottLaura Wilmott
Calm Instructor
Stuart was a friendly instructor who gave clear and concise help whilst remaining calm when I made careless errors or didn’t understand. LDC’s routines made learning to drive much easier and broke everything down to small chunks to understand easier.

Rachel ReidRachel Reid
Learn with Stuart!
I can not recommend Stuart enough! He gave me the confidence boost I needed to pass my test. Go with Stuart!

Glen MorrisonGlen Morrison
First Time Pass
Stuart is an excellent teacher, patient, clear and always has time for a laugh to put you at ease. I would highly recommend him.

Ryan GrantRyan Grant
I can’t thank Stuart Enough
Throughout the entirety of my lessons Stuart provided me with the support and mentorship that I needed, he not only got me through my driving test but helped me overcome my nerves as well, I can’t thank him enough.

Anna StewartAnna Stewart
1st Time Pass
I didn’t think I could ever pass first time but with Stuarts help I did. I was very pleased to have Stuart as an instructor, good at time keeping, good teacher and the way he teaches is great. He is really good at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone.

Adam WalkerAdam Walker
Safe driving instruction
Stuart was very effective when giving information about manoeuvres and telling me what to do clearly so I understood everything which meant I always felt safe and in control Driving. Stuart was always talking and encouraging me.

Julia DevineJulia Devine
Confidence Builder
Stuart gave me the confidence I needed to pass first time. I had lessons before but they weren’t going anywhere and I had become a very nervous driver. Stuart is calm and collected, friendly and kind and in his unique way convinced me that I was ready for my test. I really don’t think I could have passed without him. He is a really good instructor.

Nodir MirzakulovNodir Mirzakulov
Fun lessons
Lessons started with Stuart at an easy to manage pace but as I got more experience gradually Stuart increased the intensity to get me ready for my test. It was fun learning to drive with him.

Jasmine DuncanJasmine Duncan
Intensive course passed!
Everything about the course was excellent. I would 100% recommend Stuarts LDC Driving School to other people. The learning method worked very well for me and made me learn more quickly. I particularly liked that when I made a mistake Stuart stayed calm with me at all times and didn’t make me feel bad about making mistakes. The resources provided were very helpful. It was a great course.

Sonny MillerSonny Miller
Great Instructor, Great Course
I found both the LDC system and Stuart, my instructor, to be very effective. Stuart helped me to understand things in a way that made sense to my over-analysing nature! Great instructor, great course - Many Thanks!

Sam BertramSam Bertram
Intensive first time pass
The lesson were really helpful in getting to grips with the car and I felt I had a big improvement from day 1 to day 5. It also helped me fine tune the driving skills I needed for the driving test I.e maneuvers. Stuart was very patient and calm in my learning process which also would help a lot.

Heather MilneHeather Milne
Going to miss Stuart
Driving lessons with Stuart is really one of the best experiences ever. He is a right laugh as well as a brilliant driving instructor. His way of teaching is beyond incredible and I feel like I really got my money’s worth. LDC offer resources that aren’t available to other learners but they really helped with my progress. He made me realise and improve all the mistakes I made and helped me as a person not just a driver. Thank you Stuart.

Emma HarrisonEmma Harrison
Great Lessons
I have really enjoyed having lessons with Stuart. He has been a great instructor and is very patient. The LDC workbook and videos have been very helpful while learning especially when learning different routines and manoeuvres.

Emma ReidEmma Reid
Patient Friendly Driving Instructor
Stuart is a patient, friendly driving instructor who is very engaging and makes driving lessons a breeze. The workbooks and videos provided helped me improve my driving skills greatly as I could study between lessons. I a am very thankful of the time and effort Stuart has put in with me and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Chelsea MilneChelsea Milne
5* Instructor
Stuart is very helpful and is a great instructor. When things become tough he is really good at making you laugh and feel at ease rather than stress.

Orla PrenticeOrla Prentice
1st Time Pass
Stuart is Great, chatty and helpful, relaxing and assuring. He is always encouraging and never makes you feel stupid or patronising in any way. Thank you so much.

Kelsey MurrayKelsey Murray
1st Time Pass
Stuart was extremely helpful and was constantly giving encouragement which is very reassuring as it is the best way to learn. I loved the fact that using the LDC system Stuart constantly kept a note of my progress and would plan the next lesson before we finished. I used the Workbook and videos between lessons and they were really helpful. I would recommend Stuart who really is a 5* Instructor. I have recommended him to all my friends and family to the point that lots of the students at my school have either already passed or are learning to drive with Stuart.

Rachel JonesRachel Jones
First time pass
And you as an instructor I honestly have zero faults for Stuart 11/10. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks for everything!

Kristina StanleyKristina Stanley
1st Time Semi Intensive pass
I loved my instructor, Stuart, he was very professional, helpful, very supportive and informative. I would highly recommend Stuart. He is so friendly and happy and never puts excess pressure on you and really believed in me. Where I struggled he went over things again in a very patient manner. I really couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. I loved the LD system and made good use of the workbook and videos and felt prepared for every lesson. It really is the way to learn.

Ryan DunnRyan Dunn
Very patient instructor!
Stuart is very patient and thorough in the lessons he provides. I used the LDC method and found the books and videos to help a lot. I don’t think I would have passed without Stuart and the online study material.

Adam Ashton
17 year Old first time pass
Stuart is a great instructor and was always on time for lessons. He gives good clear instructions and advice. The LDC videos are really good and easy to understand and follow.

Agne Burni EneAgne Burni Ene
Amazing Instructor - First time pass
Stuart is an amazing instructor and had a big job on his hands with me as I was so nervous to start with. He is very good at explaining things to me and and answering any questions I had. I found Stuarts details on Facebook and what I learn from him was great. Videos LDC give are also very helpful! It was a great time I had learning with Stuart

Lauren WintonLauren Winton
5* Instructor
Stuart is very supportive and managed to turn my nerves into positives. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn in a way that is comfortable for them.

Senna MorrisonSenna Morrison
Great Instructor
Stuart is a great instructor, very friendly and made lessons enjoyable. I would give him 10 out of 10 he was that good. Thank you

Ellie Bowie Ellie Bowie
Top Instructor
Stuart provides a comfortable and relaxed environment to learn in. Lessons were fun whilst challenging. The LDC workbooks and videos were very helpful clarifying what I had learned in lessons and acting as a reminder before the next lesson. Stuart is cool.

Densil CrosbyDensil Crosby
First time pass
Stuarts lessons were excellent, very informative and he is very helpful. Stuart is excellent and was able to assist me with getting the right skills for driving.

Maia RakovicMaia Rakovic
I passed today with Stuart. I found the LDC method very helpful as it aided me in my learning by allowing me to revise techniques and manoeuvres in preparation for the next lesson. Additionally it pushed me and lessons never felt stagnant or boring and I was always making progress. Stuart was simply outstanding. I would highly recommend lessons with Stuart at LDC.

Ryan HepburnRyan Hepburn
Thank you so much!
I learned with Stuart. Despite having dislexia I was able to learn really quickly with Stuart who was very patient and understanding with me. Thanks Stuart

Shaun McLaughlinShaun McLaughlin
Passed 1st Time
I came to Stuart for a 30 hour semi intensive course after developing bad habits before. Stuart was able to quickly eradicate these with plain and simple explanations and demonstrations. I felt 100% comfortable and trusted him because of the constructive feedback he gave and the calm manner he has when teaching. I would recommend Stuart to everyone as he got me a first time pass and I enjoyed every lesson. I passed with just one single minor fault when I didn’t think that was even possible. I couldn’t have been taught by a better person. Thanks

Georgia HepburnGeorgia Hepburn
Zero Fault Pass
I passed with Stuart after just over two months of lessons (two per week) Stuart is the best instructor. He is so calm and funny and made my lessons so enjoyable. The LDC workbook was really helpful using photos to help visualise what the lesson plan was. Thank you.

Lucie MurrayLucie Murray
1st Time Pass
Stuart has been an amazing instructor and really helped my development with brilliant constructive feedback. He really helped my understanding of any problems and areas where to improve. The LDC learning materials backed up my knowledge and was a great resource of information for revising for the theory and practical tests. Stuart was so good I have already recommended him to my sister.

Shannon AndrewShannon Andrew
First Time Pass
Stuart is a great instructor and always made me feel comfortable and confident. He helped me believe in myself as a driver. He always practices very safe driving and communicates clearly with good instruction. The LDC materials are very helpful and useful.

Ruaridh FergusonRuaridh Ferguson
One Week First time pass
Massive thanks to Stuart from LDC driving school,for all your patience and support with my 1 week driving course. 😁

Rie GanRie Gan
Intensive Course First Time Pass
I had lessons with Stuart. He is very patient, kind, friendly and reliable. His explanations were very easy to understand and he was always giving me encouragement and praise when I did well and offered helpful advice when I made mistakes. Lessons were really enjoyable with him all the time. Thank you Stuart!! Rie πŸ˜€

Elisa WeldonElisa Weldon
Intensive course passed.
I would recommend Stuart's Intensive Course as it has equal measures of me being pushed as well as support from Stuart. The whole experience was fun. The LDC DVDs were very helpful to introduce the basics which Stuart then expertly trained out. A great experience.

Louise CampbellLouise Campbell
Highly recommended instructor
Stuart was a fantastic instructor, he was patient, provides useful and easy to understand instruction and guidance. My lessons were really enjoyable. To LDC books provided a useful tool as did the DVD. They allowed you to keep the information fresh between lessons. All in it was a great decision to "learn with Stuart"

Joss RushtonJoss Rushton
Phenomenal Results
Stuart was excellent and really helpful in helping me overcome my nerves and fear of driving. The LDC system was simple to use and very easy to pick up. I passed after doing a 30 hour intensive course and would highly recommend this to everyone.

Ashley Edwards Ashley Edwards
Excellent Instructor
I found the combination of the LDC training material and lessons with Stuart to be very productive and the best way to learn. I learned very quickly and Stuart has been an excellent instructor throughout working hard to firstly teach me how to drive and latterly helping improve my tendency to be hesitant. Thank you Stuart.

Beckie RobertsonBeckie Robertson
First time pass after intensive course
Stuart was amazing, very understanding and calm. The LDC workbook helped me a lot and with Stuart I was able to learn so much in the space of just 1 week on an intensive course. I would highly recommend intensive courses with Stuart.

Matthew BowlerMatthew Bowler
I took lessons with Stuart following two previous test failures. He gave Friendly and sound advice and the lessons were very enjoyable. 8/8/17 I didn't expect to have as much success as I did but thanks to Stuart I have become a much better and safer driver having gone from failing previous tests to passing with zero minors.

Nadia CummingNadia Cumming
Semi intensive course pass
I had just turned 17 and was nervous about learning to drive. Stuart is very approachable and helpful and if an issue arose with my driving he was happy to address it. He took into account my worries and sought to fix them. The LDC videos and workbook were very clear and informative and were really useful especially at the beginning before the course started. I also used the LDC theory material and prepared religiously with them which helped me pass both theory and practical tests first time. THANK YOU!!!

Jennifer SavageJennifer Savage
I passed!!!!
I loved the LDC course material as it made Lessons a really structured way to learn. I was able to see how to do the practical steps before the lesson started. The workbook was great to reflect back on and to monitor my progress. Before starting with Stuart I had failed my test a number of years ago and was a self confessed nervous driver. Stuart has just the right balance of patience and support but was able to encourage and support when needed. He's improved my confidence in driving, eliminated all of the bad habits I had and he has a great way of following through the book with tasks to make you feel like you are progressing and ready for test.

Lauren RiddellLauren Riddell
First time pass
Stuart is a very thorough and fair instructor. He is a lot of fun and makes driving less scary. There is so many good things that I could say about him but I just don't have the time or space on here to write all of the positives. I really enjoyed the LDC way of learning and the videos were a fantastic way to learn extra. I am going to really miss my Tuesday afternoon lesson with Stuart but I have my licence now!

Tracy ReidTracy Reid
Thank you
Stuart, my instructor, was really patient and helpful particularly if I did not find something very easy. He would find another way to explain and train things so that I understood. The workbooks were a good prompt to memorise manoeuvres when out with lessons. Thank you for your guidance and patience.

Rachael MorrisonRachael Morrison
Fantastic Experience
I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor than Stuart. He was very patient whilst I learned and I had such a fantastic experience making learning fun. He put up with my emotional breakdowns, the tears, the disbelief I had in myself but always was there for me and to help me recover. I will really miss the lessons but am so glad I had an instructor who was caring, funny, kind and was there for me to lean on when in difficult situations and always had a comment to make me laugh, smile and to keep going.

Peter GovePeter Gove
Intensive Course Pass
Stuart was a great instructor and took me from zero driving to a pass in just over a week. The lessons were delivered at a good pace and I would definately recommend the intensive course to anyone.

Ewan EssonEwan Esson
Moved to Stuart after failing with another instructor
Stuart helped me pass my driving test after my first fail 6 months ago. I had no lessons in between but in just a few weeks Stuart had corrected the faults I had and made sure there was no mistake this time. I can't believe the difference in Lessons between my first instructor and Stuart. Stuart's lessons are fun, he was always on time, always chatty and friendly but tough with me when I needed it. Stuart was better than my last instructor in every way and I loved his car it was so easy to learn in. I would rate him 5*.

Caitlin WaddellCaitlin Waddell
First time pass
Simply Stuart is a fantastic instructor. Working with the workbook and videos was really helpful as it could be looked at at any time. The online theory test preparation was really helpful and the amount of theory practice tests really helped a lot. The LDC training is great.

Aldaras MejerasAldaras Mejeras
First time pass
My Instructor, Stuart, was very good and I would recommend everyone to go with him. He talked me through everything in a really calm manner and had me not stressing about anything that I was doing wrong. The LDC course material helped me through all my manoeuvres as well as the show me tell me questions meaning I could get extra practice even when I wasn't actually on a Lesson. I passed first time with just 1 minor!

Lewis BownLewis Bown
First time pass
Stuart is a patient driving instructor always giving clear instructions. He was very helpful working round my work hours and trying to accommodate my needs. Very polite and understanding I can't rate him highly enough.

Ben ClanseyBen Clansey
Passed first time
Stuart had excellent patience with me. Despite everything he remained calm and guided me to pass first time. LDC have a fantastic system and it speeds up the process of learning providing clear expectations and guidance of what to do on the road. I can't thank Stuart enough.

Katrina MurphyKatrina Murphy
First time pass after Intensive Course
Lessons with Stuart were amazing and he is sooo patient but at the same time gives you a kick up the bum when you need it! I learned with the LDC method of training which worked great for me. I loved that you get a workbook and DVD which really helps you learn. I would fully recommend LDC and in particular Stuart to my friends, family and anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Kris PatersonKris Paterson
Zero minor pass!
As an instructor, Stuart was fabulous and increased my confidence. I had several instructors before and none were like Stuart. I can't thank him enough for helping me pass. The LDC way is very helpful and a very organised system and way to learn. I passed with no minors at all!!!

Melissa HopeMelissa Hope
Passed First Time with LDC Semi Intensive Course
I was a self confessed nervous driver but thanks to Stuart's excellent tuition I passed first time! Stuart is fantastic and was extremely patient with me and had a calming effect on me throughout. He is so friendly. I learned using the unique LDC method which is very good as it gives you an incentive to do well and continually motivates you meaning you get more out of the lessons than normal driving instruction. Stuart is fantastic, he helped me pass first time!

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