Maia RakovicMaia Rakovic
I passed today with Stuart. I found the LDC method very helpful as it aided me in my learning by allowing me to revise techniques and manoeuvres in preparation for the next lesson. Additionally it pushed me and lessons never felt stagnant or boring and I was always making progress. Stuart was simply outstanding. I would highly recommend lessons with Stuart at LDC.

Ryan HepburnRyan Hepburn
Thank you so much!
I learned with Stuart. Despite having dislexia I was able to learn really quickly with Stuart who was very patient and understanding with me. Thanks Stuart

Shaun McLaughlinShaun McLaughlin
Passed 1st Time
I came to Stuart for a 30 hour semi intensive course after developing bad habits before. Stuart was able to quickly eradicate these with plain and simple explanations and demonstrations. I felt 100% comfortable and trusted him because of the constructive feedback he gave and the calm manner he has when teaching. I would recommend Stuart to everyone as he got me a first time pass and I enjoyed every lesson. I passed with just one single minor fault when I didn’t think that was even possible. I couldn’t have been taught by a better person. Thanks

Georgia HepburnGeorgia Hepburn
Zero Fault Pass
I passed with Stuart after just over two months of lessons (two per week) Stuart is the best instructor. He is so calm and funny and made my lessons so enjoyable. The LDC workbook was really helpful using photos to help visualise what the lesson plan was. Thank you.

Lucie MurrayLucie Murray
1st Time Pass
Stuart has been an amazing instructor and really helped my development with brilliant constructive feedback. He really helped my understanding of any problems and areas where to improve. The LDC learning materials backed up my knowledge and was a great resource of information for revising for the theory and practical tests. Stuart was so good I have already recommended him to my sister.

Shannon AndrewShannon Andrew
First Time Pass
Stuart is a great instructor and always made me feel comfortable and confident. He helped me believe in myself as a driver. He always practices very safe driving and communicates clearly with good instruction. The LDC materials are very helpful and useful.

Ruaridh FergusonRuaridh Ferguson
One Week First time pass
Massive thanks to Stuart from LDC driving school,for all your patience and support with my 1 week driving course. 😁

Rie GanRie Gan
Intensive Course First Time Pass
I had lessons with Stuart. He is very patient, kind, friendly and reliable. His explanations were very easy to understand and he was always giving me encouragement and praise when I did well and offered helpful advice when I made mistakes. Lessons were really enjoyable with him all the time. Thank you Stuart!! Rie 😀

Elisa WeldonElisa Weldon
Intensive course passed.
I would recommend Stuart's Intensive Course as it has equal measures of me being pushed as well as support from Stuart. The whole experience was fun. The LDC DVDs were very helpful to introduce the basics which Stuart then expertly trained out. A great experience.

Louise CampbellLouise Campbell
Highly recommended instructor
Stuart was a fantastic instructor, he was patient, provides useful and easy to understand instruction and guidance. My lessons were really enjoyable. To LDC books provided a useful tool as did the DVD. They allowed you to keep the information fresh between lessons. All in it was a great decision to "learn with Stuart"

Joss RushtonJoss Rushton
Phenomenal Results
Stuart was excellent and really helpful in helping me overcome my nerves and fear of driving. The LDC system was simple to use and very easy to pick up. I passed after doing a 30 hour intensive course and would highly recommend this to everyone.

Ashley Edwards Ashley Edwards
Excellent Instructor
I found the combination of the LDC training material and lessons with Stuart to be very productive and the best way to learn. I learned very quickly and Stuart has been an excellent instructor throughout working hard to firstly teach me how to drive and latterly helping improve my tendency to be hesitant. Thank you Stuart.

Beckie RobertsonBeckie Robertson
First time pass after intensive course
Stuart was amazing, very understanding and calm. The LDC workbook helped me a lot and with Stuart I was able to learn so much in the space of just 1 week on an intensive course. I would highly recommend intensive courses with Stuart.

Matthew BowlerMatthew Bowler
I took lessons with Stuart following two previous test failures. He gave Friendly and sound advice and the lessons were very enjoyable. 8/8/17 I didn't expect to have as much success as I did but thanks to Stuart I have become a much better and safer driver having gone from failing previous tests to passing with zero minors.

Nadia CummingNadia Cumming
Semi intensive course pass
I had just turned 17 and was nervous about learning to drive. Stuart is very approachable and helpful and if an issue arose with my driving he was happy to address it. He took into account my worries and sought to fix them. The LDC videos and workbook were very clear and informative and were really useful especially at the beginning before the course started. I also used the LDC theory material and prepared religiously with them which helped me pass both theory and practical tests first time. THANK YOU!!!

Jennifer SavageJennifer Savage
I passed!!!!
I loved the LDC course material as it made Lessons a really structured way to learn. I was able to see how to do the practical steps before the lesson started. The workbook was great to reflect back on and to monitor my progress. Before starting with Stuart I had failed my test a number of years ago and was a self confessed nervous driver. Stuart has just the right balance of patience and support but was able to encourage and support when needed. He's improved my confidence in driving, eliminated all of the bad habits I had and he has a great way of following through the book with tasks to make you feel like you are progressing and ready for test.

Lauren RiddellLauren Riddell
First time pass
Stuart is a very thorough and fair instructor. He is a lot of fun and makes driving less scary. There is so many good things that I could say about him but I just don't have the time or space on here to write all of the positives. I really enjoyed the LDC way of learning and the videos were a fantastic way to learn extra. I am going to really miss my Tuesday afternoon lesson with Stuart but I have my licence now!

Tracy ReidTracy Reid
Thank you
Stuart, my instructor, was really patient and helpful particularly if I did not find something very easy. He would find another way to explain and train things so that I understood. The workbooks were a good prompt to memorise manoeuvres when out with lessons. Thank you for your guidance and patience.

Rachael MorrisonRachael Morrison
Fantastic Experience
I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor than Stuart. He was very patient whilst I learned and I had such a fantastic experience making learning fun. He put up with my emotional breakdowns, the tears, the disbelief I had in myself but always was there for me and to help me recover. I will really miss the lessons but am so glad I had an instructor who was caring, funny, kind and was there for me to lean on when in difficult situations and always had a comment to make me laugh, smile and to keep going.

Peter GovePeter Gove
Intensive Course Pass
Stuart was a great instructor and took me from zero driving to a pass in just over a week. The lessons were delivered at a good pace and I would definately recommend the intensive course to anyone.

Ewan EssonEwan Esson
Moved to Stuart after failing with another instructor
Stuart helped me pass my driving test after my first fail 6 months ago. I had no lessons in between but in just a few weeks Stuart had corrected the faults I had and made sure there was no mistake this time. I can't believe the difference in Lessons between my first instructor and Stuart. Stuart's lessons are fun, he was always on time, always chatty and friendly but tough with me when I needed it. Stuart was better than my last instructor in every way and I loved his car it was so easy to learn in. I would rate him 5*.

Caitlin WaddellCaitlin Waddell
First time pass
Simply Stuart is a fantastic instructor. Working with the workbook and videos was really helpful as it could be looked at at any time. The online theory test preparation was really helpful and the amount of theory practice tests really helped a lot. The LDC training is great.

Aldaras MejerasAldaras Mejeras
First time pass
My Instructor, Stuart, was very good and I would recommend everyone to go with him. He talked me through everything in a really calm manner and had me not stressing about anything that I was doing wrong. The LDC course material helped me through all my manoeuvres as well as the show me tell me questions meaning I could get extra practice even when I wasn't actually on a Lesson. I passed first time with just 1 minor!

Lewis BownLewis Bown
First time pass
Stuart is a patient driving instructor always giving clear instructions. He was very helpful working round my work hours and trying to accommodate my needs. Very polite and understanding I can't rate him highly enough.

Ben ClanseyBen Clansey
Passed first time
Stuart had excellent patience with me. Despite everything he remained calm and guided me to pass first time. LDC have a fantastic system and it speeds up the process of learning providing clear expectations and guidance of what to do on the road. I can't thank Stuart enough.

Katrina MurphyKatrina Murphy
First time pass after Intensive Course
Lessons with Stuart were amazing and he is sooo patient but at the same time gives you a kick up the bum when you need it! I learned with the LDC method of training which worked great for me. I loved that you get a workbook and DVD which really helps you learn. I would fully recommend LDC and in particular Stuart to my friends, family and anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Kris PatersonKris Paterson
Zero minor pass!
As an instructor, Stuart was fabulous and increased my confidence. I had several instructors before and none were like Stuart. I can't thank him enough for helping me pass. The LDC way is very helpful and a very organised system and way to learn. I passed with no minors at all!!!

Melissa HopeMelissa Hope
Passed First Time with LDC Semi Intensive Course
I was a self confessed nervous driver but thanks to Stuart's excellent tuition I passed first time! Stuart is fantastic and was extremely patient with me and had a calming effect on me throughout. He is so friendly. I learned using the unique LDC method which is very good as it gives you an incentive to do well and continually motivates you meaning you get more out of the lessons than normal driving instruction. Stuart is fantastic, he helped me pass first time!

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